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There is always another card to play.

Kill Grant Anderson – that was the order Lucas Green received from his client, cartel boss Carlos Guerra. It's a simple command, but Lucas's work is anything but simple. He is a specialist assassin with a unique skill: orchestrating deaths to appear as accidents. Crashed cars, overdoses, and road rage are just a few of the tricks he keeps up his sleeve. Will Lucas succeed in finishing off Grant before Carlos loses his patience? Or will Detective Tracy Cook foil his attempts?
In this perilous thriller, it's a race against the clock and each other. Who will come out on top – the Detective, the Real Estate Agent, the Assassin, or the Drug Dealer?

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Are the storms getting worse, or is it the people?

The new Department of Environmental Reclamation and Trust (or DERT) has been empowered by an authoritarian President to take control of the country in the hopes of staving off climate catastrophe.  In a society that has started to crumble, Kyle and Sami Harrison find themselves on the run. Will salvation be found in the teachings of DERT’s Little Brown Book? Or is escape the only solution?

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Free Bonus Chapter


Tracy and Bill
are on the case

In this exclusive chapter, we meet Edward Winston, who finds himself stranded in the Express hotel, far from home and with no chance of getting back. Ed takes it upon himself to band together the remaining guests who have suddenly become refugees. Can this small society find safety or are they doomed to give into the increasingly lawless behavior surrounding them?

In this exclusive Bonus chapter, we follow two of our characters from The Vegas Flop, Las Vegas Detectives Bill Strider and Tracy Cook as they investigate a break-in that leads them down a dangerous path.

"This book was a hit for me. Good storyline, solid pacing, likable main characters, and crazy sub-characters. Give this one a go-you’ll thank me for it later."

Kim (Goodreads)

About Kyle

Kyle K Wolfson grew up in Woodstock GA, the oldest of nine children. In 2008 he moved to Las Vegas and started working in the entertainment industry. He spent over a decade working as a roadie, traveling around the country and world as an automation programmer for various bands. He wrote several novels during his free time and even sometimes during concerts.
Recently he has returned to Woodstock along with his wife and daughter to be closer to his family and the Atlanta Braves.



The Little Brown Book Series

The Haunting of Abraham Lincoln

The Vegas Flop

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